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When you need a project done right, quality tools can be just as important as the people using them. We know you have other choices for your equipment needs. What sets Rental City apart from others is our dedication to you, our customer, with spectacular customer service. We like to remind our team:

“Everyone else can have the same equipment we have. WE have to be the difference, and that difference comes through our excellent customer service.”

With decades of experience and over 2,000 items available for short-term rental, Rental City is a family owned business dedicated to serving your needs; whether residential or corporate. Rental City began with Mac D. Drysdale’s commitment to providing the best possible equipment in impeccable condition to benefit the greater Champaign community over 60 years ago.

Today, we strive to offer the best product catalog, most convenient solutions, and the most effective and pleasant customer service available. We look forward to the opportunity of serving your family or business, and are here to help you get the job done.

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